What should I look for in a PR company as an entertainer?

The biggest role your publicity manager or PR company will play in your career is the willingness they will go to tell you the truth. The entertainment industry is not easy to maneuver and it is field with an array of opportunists. This is why it is incredibly important to invest in a reputable publicity manager or company. 


I’ve listed a few things you will need to take into consideration before agreeing to partner up with a PR professional:


1.Are they a fan or do they mean business?


You will soon discover that they will be a many of people that will surround you just for the purpose of being seen with you. These people will do and say just about anything to ensure that you keep then in your circle. . This is no different for publicists. You need to ensure that the publicist is there for the purpose of publicizing your brand. Create conversation around your image and generating buzz around your work, if they are not doing any of the listed then believe you me they are there for all the wrong reasons.


2.Educate yourself on your team


Do your due diligence on your team. Don’t just agree to work with someone simply because they seem like good people, that may be an important trait however it shouldn’t be the only trait. Ask for references. Who have they worked with before you. If they haven’t worked with anyone and they are looking for a shot, are they willing to go for a trial period? These questions will alert you on whether or not the publicist is worth your time.


3.Know your value


So cliché and always the truth. When you allow random people into your circle you are telling the industry that you are a joke. You are saying with your actions that you’re only here for a good time and not a long time. Once you know what you want from your career and how much money and energy you’re willing to spend to be able to get your brand taken seriously then believe you me the industry will reciprocate. 


4.How deep do your pockets go


Probably the most important point in the list is this one. No matter how ready you may think you are, ultimately your budget or non-existence of it will determine whether you’re ready for a publicist or not and which publicist you’re ready to work with. You will find that there are several big agencies that sometimes on very rare occasions that offer their services on pro bono. Obviously these come with T’s and C’s but if you’re looking to work with a reputable brand then you’ll figure out how to work through the T’s and C’s. However there are countless other small, very brilliant and even freelancing publicist that charge very little but deliver very much. 


Take the time to search and interview possible takers before handing over your public image to anyone. As an entertainer your brand is your bread. Choose wisely and take the time to do it right.