How to maximize your social media reach


It is without a shadow of a doubt that whichever business you find yourself in, social media is a must in order to maximize reach with your target audience. Below I’ve listed tools you can use to design a pretty simple social media plan that maximizes reach.


  1. Video killed Text in 2018


Long gone are the days when writing a post without an image attached to it will garn any interaction. Today’s information consumer is attracted to picture content. Take this further by creating video content. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have made it possible for you to communicate with your target audience in real time, with the introduction of live video. Whatever major announcements you want to make on your page can now be made live through video. It also allows you get the reaction in real time, with audience members being able to text you while you’re live. It’s a brilliant way to gage what your audience thinks in real time. Try it out and see how it goes.


  1. Stop selling and start interacting


Don’t just tell your audience how amazing your products and/services are rather create content that will allow them to engage with you. Pick their brains using a poll, ask them questions only you can ask them. With that being said and done, you’re able to connect on a human level with your audience and watch them pay you back by well paying you for your services and products.



  1. Make social media social again


So yes we all want our pages to get the most likes, and the most followings, but remember to interact with other groups and pages too.

Comment on other pages, like other groups, be social too. Leave a comment here and there, engage on this page and that group too. Don’t just use social media to get, give a little of your time aswell. By doing this you’re putting yourself and your business in front of other audiences as well.



This is why you should carve out a chunk of time in your day and dedicate it to social media management, it really does go a long way in you maximizing your reach. Maximum reach can and will ultimately translate into maximum sales. People buy experiences and more and more brands are using social media to create experiences.


If you’ve hired a social media manager or have relinquished your duties over to an agency ensure that this is what their doing for your brand. If they aren’t then you know what to do.