Setting up a press kit as an entertainment artist

We all know just how important publicity is for an artist. Having your work in the hands of your audience is paramount for the growth of your career. So you know that you need to publicize your work however you do not have the necessary budget for a publicist. What then can you do with what you have, to get your work out there. Set up a professional press kit. Create something that you can send through to the media with all your information.


  1. Tell them about you:


Include a pretty descriptive piece in your kit. This all the information you want the media to know about you. Your name, stage name, your background, what you do, your most recent work and any other information you want to control. Think of this as a bite size biography of yourself.


2. Give them a sample of your work:


What better way to inform the media of who you are than through your work. Give them samples to your favorite work, your most recent work and even collaborations you’ve been able to do this far. Show them in which circles of creativity you’re a part of. Nothing wrong with using the power of association to get your point across.


3. Say it in a picture:


A picture truly says a thousand words. Invest in a great portfolio of photographs of yourself. These photos should say this is who you are. They should articulate who you are effortlessly. Try to find yourself a call on photographer to be able to update your portfolio as when you need to.


There are many other things you can fit into your press kit, however these are the basics. Depending on which genre you’re in, what type of press you’re approaching it could shift and change easily.